Gitlab CI Gradle Plugin

GitlabCI validator is a gradle plugin to validate .gitlab-ci.yml as soon as posible.

If you have a .gitlab-ci.yml and include the validator task, it checks the file againts Gitlab and if the file has error the task fails (showing what’s the reason of the error)


            plugins {
                id 'com.puravida.gradle.gitlabci-validator'

Task validator


You can choose against what api validate your .gitlabci.yml using the gitlabCi extension

                api 'v4'
you can include the task in the dependsOn of your build or compile task, for example, in order to be sure your .gitlab-ci.yml is valid or you can install a hook into your git push (see InstallHookTask section)

Install Hook Task

If you don’t want to include the task validateGitlabCI as a dependsOn of your build task then you need to call manually it, for example every time you change the .gitlab-ci.yml file.

But if you are as lazy as me you can install a pre-push git hook and run the validation before push anything into yout Gitlab repository. This can be easily done executing the installValidateGitlabCIHook task only one time

./gradlew installValidateGitlabCIHook

Once executed this task your git repo will have a pre-push hook running the validateGitlabCI for you every time you try to do a push. If you made some mistake into your .gitlab-ci.yml the push fails

./gradlew validateGitlabCI